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Let me prove to you why Fairy Portraits is the fastest, easiest and most profitable money-making addition you can add to your photography studio….

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Dear friends,

Rob Provencher…your mentor

I have been doing fairy portraits for over fifteen years in our studio and it is a great marketing tool for adding extra income and extra exposure.
I believe it is by far one of the very best ways to increase your photography studio’s bottom line, and increase your market position.

I’ve helped many photographer duplicate my system with equal or greater success. And I can show you how to do the same.

*I’ll show you how to create a fairy product, how to package it, how to light, how to shoot, how to pose, how to market, how to sell, how to photoshop (fast and easy for spectacular results) and how to build a long term successful and profitable business with fairies.

*NOTE: results will vary! Not everyone will grow at the same pace. I’ve had some photographers obtain spectacular results within weeks. Others within months. It may take time, patience and effort. A lot of your growth will be reflected in your market position, experience level, props available, your ambition and willingness to get out there in your community.
Props: some investment in props is required. Many props can be made by hand. I’ll show you details on how some members created their own mushrooms. Backdrops are fairly inexpensive. Some use a light grey paper or green screen, cut-out the subject and drop in a background later. (It’s far better to have an actual backdrop since it lends so well to the experience for the children, who love being photographed as a fairy and being in an actual enchanted forest.)

In my 30+ years of creating and selling family, baby and wedding portraits, I have NOT found a niche portrait market where you will have as much fun, as many clients eagerly lining up, booking you out, taking their kids out of school for and showing up with smiles and anticipation…. and ready to buy!

Could this be the perfect product for photographers to offer clients?

I’ve created these special sessions many times and have relied on it as a solid and reliable marketing strategy for my photography studio.

These sessions, when done right, will bring you tons of publicity and profits. But you must know how to market them effectively and you must know how to create results that people will love.

Get it right, and your success is virtually guaranteed.

I’ve put together an online, instant access package with ALL the resources to show you exactly how you too can expand your studio sales and tap into this hungry market.

What is the Enchanted Forest Fairy Success System?

The videos  are over four hours long. In them, I demonstrate the set-up and actual shooting of several fairy sessions in my studio. You get to see the lighting, the posing, the rapport and learn from me while I create fairy portraits from these real sessions.


  • Live web broadcast from on Shooting Fairies…detailed and info rich.
  • WEBINARS replays on shooting fairies, marketing and photoshop techniques
  • Mastermind meetings replays… I’ve selected a few relevant and valuable presentations loaded with insight, strategy and real world experiences on selling and marketing- you’ll love these, guaranteed!
  • Custom made fairy wings templates. The fairy wings I use (see samples above) are world class and expensive. Sadly, they are no longer available. However, I have secured a licensed deal with the original manufacturer for access to the patterns in three sizes, small, medium and large. All you need to do is buy the fabric and get a qualified seamstress to use the patterns for exact results. ( I do have alternate places where you can buy similar wings.) These patterns are included in the fairy success system
  • Fairy templates for photoshop. Includes a layered photoshop file with rays, textures, orbs..combined with some photoshop actions supplied, with some custom tweaking, creates a FAST, and great looking, painterly product.
  • Extra extra BONUS…Up to SIX MONTHS private access to me. Yes, you read it right. You’ll receive one-on-one email access with occasional online skype-style calls using my webinar software where deemed necessary. I’ll help you with ANY questions you might have regarding lighting, props, posing, headtrash, photoshop, critiques or any struggles you might encounter. I am your guide by your side.

You will be amazed at the simplicity and the final results.


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